The Rational Guide to Small Office & Home Networking (Comprehensive and Affordable Guide)


Reliable, shared Internet access is a must-have for many small businesses that need every advantage to compete in today's market. Home users are also relying on networks in more ways than ever, from sending e-mail to sharing documents to broadband multimedia streaming. Users may want to share a printer, lower the phone bill by switching to VoIP, and even play a networked game or two. With this book, you'll learn how to choose and configure the network that's right for you, and how to build a fast, reliable, secure network in your small office or home office (SOHO). This book takes a rational, no-nonsense approach in a compact guide - only 208 pages. The book is written to give you the basics fast! Technical accuracy is assured by Michael Heitland, Chief Systems Engineer, 702 Communications. This book comes with the following bonus materials: -Bonus Chapter: "Troubleshooting the Network" -Bonus Chapter: "Beyond the Basic Network"

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