The family of proteins called the tubulin and the microtubules they form when they aggregate are extremely important in the cell and, as we are increasingly learning, important in diseases that afflict so many. This field of investigation is a testament to how important both basic and clinical sciences are in understanding disease mechanisms and making inroads into therapies. Microtubule Targets in Cancer Therapy presents the first comprehensive exploration of the dynamic potential of microtubules anti-cancer targets. Written by leading anti-cancer researchers, this groundbreaking volume collects the most current microtubule research available. Among the topics examined in this volume are compounds that interact with tubulin, mechanisms and regulation by microtubule-associated proteins and drugs, MAPs, the tubulin superfamily its isotopes, peptides and depsipeptides, and neurodegenerative diseases.Without the basic scientific knowledge that has been accumulated to which the contributors of this work have contributed greatly we would not be in the position we find ourselves as we increasingly understand disease and advancing therapies. Microtubule Targets in Cancer Therapy contributes to this new knowledge, and the text will be an invaluable resource for cancer researchers, oncologists, pharmacologists, and medical chemists.

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