The Silent Male Cancer: Knowledge for the Diagnosis, Treatment, and Emotional Healing of Prostate Cancer


Book Description The Silent Male Cancer was constructed out of a personal experience K. S. Dunlap had with a family member who was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His period of denial and an initial misdiagnosis almost cost him his life. With diligence and divine guidance they pursued more information than that supplied by the physicians. In a quest to be proactive toward a more accurate diagnosis, she found limited resources relating to the emotional and spiritual aspects of cancer. This lack of information increased her resolve to provide a tool that would support others through a more appropriate diagnosis and guide them in understanding the possibility of denial. It is her belief that there is a necessity for knowledge thatcombines both God and ones need for spirituality in the midst of receiving a proper diagnosis, treatment, and healing. This compilation of material will afford you the knowledge you need as you move toward a cure.

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