The last Slayarian has been gathered. The pieces are finally in place. Odin has sent his son to beg forgiveness from the gods of Nessir've but without the other pantheons beside them there will be little hope against the horde. The dreaded Unifier has returned and the plot to align the Abyss is alive once more but without a common foe on the mortal realm his efforts wil have been fruitless. The Demonslayers must live, for now. Darkon struggles with Sevele's death but things are about to get even worse. What if she returns? Learn the terrible truth behind her reappearance and the well deserved fate of Merleptus, the mage who brought her back. Take this journey and learn who you truly are. Would you have joined the Slayarians and fought beside them against the evils of the world? Or would you have turned your head and gone back to your own business? Legend has it that if not for the Slayarians the world would have been overrun by demons long ago. That's a fact that should not be forgotten.

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