The theory of natural systems considers all detectable reality to be systems composed of matter and energy harmonically interrelated. It analyzes the evolvement of energy -within a system- to end in the production of the final integral energy that governs the system and every element of it. Thus, it explains the feedback regulation of Nature and it is the foundation of Clinical Biofeedback treatments, physiological as well as genetic. In biosystems the integral energy is known as WILL. All elements of a system are subordinated to such integral control, the WILL, whose decisions can be guided by feedback information. The problem of cancer and AIDS rests in the defective working of the DNAs that preside over every cellular activity. In order for the WILL to induce the correction of erroneous DNAs programs, the WILL shall be provided with instantaneous genetic feedback information. The author describes potential avenues for the development of genetic feedback instrumentation conductive to Clinical Genetic Biofeedback. The cure of cancer, AIDS or typical genetic diseases has not yet been achieved because no present scientific views deal or detect biological energies that induce DNAs' re-programming.

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