The Tree Of Life Or Human Degeneracy Its Nature And Remedy As Based On The Elevating Principle Of Orthopathy


Book Description1867. A small treatise on the treatment of human life on Orthopathic principles in two parts. Contents Part I: Status of the Three Parties Concerned in Man's Degeneracy and its Final Issue; Physical Depravity Accessory to Spiritual Degeneracy; Physiological and Psychological Reform a Necessity of the Times; Remedy for Man's Spiritual Degeneracy; Opposing Influences; Final Issue; Contents Part II; Constitution of Human Physical Life; Vital Economy, or Organic Laws of Life; Source and Mode of Transmission of the Principle of Human Physical Life; Man's Physical Degeneracy; Predisposition to Disease; Hereditary Diseases; Mode of Renovation of Impaired and Feeble Vital Machinery; Analysis of a Few of the Most Prominent Symptoms of Disease; Lawof Contagion and General Causation; Medical Delusion; Remedy for Man's Physical Degeneracy; An Episode-Appeal to the Reason and Common Sense of Non-Medical Readers; General Directions Resumed; Specific Directions, Croup, Dysentery,...

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