The position of Egypt at the cross-roads between the Middle East and Africa has attracted the attention of naturalists and explorers for many centuries. Yet while there are many studies relating to the ecology and biology of Egyptian vegetation, the first issue of Zahran and Willis Vegetation of Egypt (1992) represented the first attempt to draw this diverse information together. In this second edition, this invaluable text is both updated and expanded to include additional topics such as the role of remote sensing in mapping Egypts vegetation, and the economic potential of major desert species. Covering each of the four major eco-geographical regions of Egypt the Western Desert, the Eastern Desert, the Sinai Peninsula, and the Nile Region the book integrates a wealth of detail and represents an important landmark in the vegetation of arid and Mediterranean-type regions. As such, it will provide an essential reference to advanced students and researchers in plant science, ecology, biogeography, climatology, economic botany and remote sensing.

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