Once in a while, Visual Basic goes through a paradigm shift. The recent jump to .NET was one, and The Visual Basic .NET Programming Language succeeds very well in explaining to programmers--and not just experienced VB programmers, either--what thechanges mean to software architecture and implementation. If you need to figure out how VB.NET works, this book, more than any other, will help you make fast initial progress. This guide is clear; it's practical; it focuses on the parts of the VB.NET programming language and its runtime environment that every developer has to understand. You'll probably want to supplement this book with more specialized ones that deal with databases, networking, user interfaces or whatever specific capabilities you need to work with, but this book is probably the best place to start. The author's attention to coding style and software design is a bonus that will help you write code that not only runs, but is more self-documenting and easier to debug. ...

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