Lowly maids in Victorian England, whose lives are an endless round of unremitting toil, must surely dream of better things - yet more pitiful by far is the plight of those unfortunate souls who find themselves in the service of a strict disciplinarian. James Montague is a man who delights in watching young women writhe and squirm... seeing creamy-white buttocks turn first pink, then red, then purple... hearing gasps of dismay turn to shrill cries of anguish. And maids are not alone in feeling the hot kiss of cane and strap, for James' three wards - innocent Catherine, flirtatious Victoria and lovely, spirited Elizabeth - are obliged to bare their bottoms with distressing regularity. A visit by James' godson Frederick merely adds to their woes, for the young man wishes to study the noble art of spanking... and who better to teach him than the stern master of Bleekston Hall?

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