Ever felt mortally embarrassed when all your friends are discussing the merits of "the 5 points of Calvinism" and you don't have the foggiest idea what they're talking about? Ever kicked yourself for not knowing which popes reigned the shortest amount of time? (First on the list is Pope Urban VII, who ruled for a whopping 13 days.)Well, where else could you find the answer to all your problems, but in A Theological Miscellany-a maddeningly addictive cornucopia of trivia and smorgasbord of stuff that will keep you up late at night, reading just one more page.A book like you've never encountered, A Theological Miscellany will entertain and inform you with tidbits such as:5 of Luther's 95 Theses that REALLY Got Him in TroubleScriptures Misquoted in Famous Speeches4 Views of CommunionDenominational Affiliations of the U.S. Presidents6 Marys Who Changed the World8 Famous Kisses of the Bible The best little book of trivia and oddities you'll ever find. . . . And if not the best, then certainly in the top ten.

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