How can I know God exists? Are there different gods? Are there religions that don't have a god at all? What does God mean to me in everyday life?Throughout h is 40-year ministry, James Cantelon has fielded questions like these about the nature of God and the relationship between God and believers and non-believers alike. They are deep and good questions, and to help people understand God he felt compelled to write a book that discusses theology in a step-by-step and accessible way.Here is theology as you have seldom seen it-warm, informal, even humorous-but always respectful and above all true to the Holy Scripture. In Theology for Non-Theologians, Cantelon concentrates on God and His word; the nature, existence and works of God; and God's revelation of himself in the Bible. James Cantelon has accomplished the near-impossible, making theology engaging, understandable and important in modern-day life.THEOLOGY FOR NON-THEOLOGIANSAn Engaging, Accessible and Relevant GuideFeatures a Study Guide for ministers, pastors, lay people and students.

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