Beschreibung thank you for your continued support and wish to present you this new edition. Strindberg was fifty years old when he wrote There Are Crimes and Crimes. In the same year, 1899, he produced three of his finest historical dramas: The Saga of the Folkungs, Gustavus Vasa, and Eric XIV. Just before, he had finished Advent, which he described as A Mystery, and which was published together with There Are Crimes and Crimes under the common title of In a Higher Court. Back of these dramas lay his strange confessional works, Inferno and Legends, and the first two parts of his autobiographical dream-play, Toward Damascus - all of which were finished between May, 1897, and some time in the latter part of 1898. And back of these again lay that period of mental crisis, when, at Paris, in 1895 and 1896, he strove to make gold by the transmutation of baser metals, while at the same time his spirit was travelling through all the seven hells in its search for the heaven promised by the great mystics of the past.

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