Not since that famous Beverly Hills area code was etched into our minds has teen life been given such loving attention. TVs newest hit, A smart, articulate, sexy program showing real kids at the very top of their intellectual game, Dawsons Creek set exciting new standards for how television portrays young America. Created by Hollywood sensation Kevin Williamson, it does for the small-screen teen soap opera what his metafilmic Scream did for the slasher flick. In the small town of Capeside, a close-knit group of teenagers hang together and fall apart. Their rites of passage are familiar, classically adolescent, and as we follow Dawson, Pacey, Jen, and Joey through their exciting years we learn that life has everything to do with misbehaving. Covered in They Dont Wanna Wait are the stars: a compelling, captivating, talented bunch who leave the set each day, shaking their heads, marveling at the emotional and intellectual accuracy of the scenes they play. Revealed is what makes the show a nearly sacred experience for its participants and much Dawson Leary has in common with his creator, Kevin Williamson.

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