Presentation skills that that will captivate your audience every timeIn today's increasingly visual world, the art of giving presentations is a much-needed talent. They Snooze, You Lose, provides a comprehensive guide made especially for teachers and administrators who want to become presentation "stars" in their classrooms, at board meetings, or any time they are in front of an audienceDescribes how to apply the author's proven CHIMES2 elements: Connections, Humor, Images, Music, Emotion, Stories, and SensesContains a bonus DVD with premade slides, a study guide, and reproducible imagesBurmark is the author of the best-selling book Visual Literacy: Learn to See, See to LearnIncludes key sections on the best ways to integrate technology into your presentationsNew and seasoned educators alike will benefit from this fun and easy-to-read guide on building essential presentation skills.

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