The ability to think and reason is what sets human beings apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. And how we think distinguishes each individual human from all others. Companies think differently too, in terms of attitudes, policy, culture, strategy and management. They think and therefore act differently.Rest assured: if your strategic thinking is better and more effective than your competitors', your company will win the competitive battle in the mid- and long term. No matter how superior your competitors may be today, no matter how substantial their resources may be at present, do not be discouraged. Always think strategically. It is an essential resource, one that doesn't cost money, but one that will give you the competitive edge.This book will help you to think strategically. It explains simply and clearly the elements, concepts, analyses and interrelationships that are involved in 'strategic thinking'. Gimbert confronts the complexity of today's business environment by analyzing its intricate structure, making it accessible and uncovering the strategic possibilities.

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