Programme management competence is a subject of increasing relevance to managers in many sectors, from professionals in the project and programme management community to senior managers sponsoring major change initiatives. This book provides practical insights and advice on the practice of project and programme management and the performance of the role itself, rather than the application of specific frameworks, processes or techniques. No other text appreciates as well and addresses as directly the situations, challenges and dilemmas faced by project and programme managers, and the decisions and actions required of them. This book is grounded in rigorous academic research, yet presented in a way that is relevant and easily grasped by practitioners. It offers leading edge knowledge and thinking into the subject through the use of case scenarios drawn from actual experiences. Readers are asked to form their own action strategies for each scenario, and then are taken through possible approaches based on the four conceptual levels identified by the research. The perspectives and ideas provided help practitioners to reflect on their own approaches, to examine their biases and blind spots, and to improve their own performance. It truly helps practitioners to think and act as great programme managers.

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