It has been a long-held belief for many that we, as human beings, are made for more, and so too is our world. Many are seeking some form of spiritual fulfilment - answers that can transform lives, attitudes and societies - but quite often reject the Christian Church and traditional religious institutions as irrelevant and backward looking.Thinking from the Edge presents a critical and imaginative exploration of religion - especially Christian, religious beliefs and faith within the context of 'plurality' - religious, cultural, historical and personal. It raises topical public issues around the faults, dangers and pretensions of religion, as well as the responsibilities and joys of religious belief.Written from a refreshing and inspiring perspective, Thinking from the Edge advocates a more adventurous, open and visionary approach to Christian faith and life that is applicable to and can nurture, embrace and celebrate the multiplicity of differences and human dramas that make up today's Global Village society.

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