Federico Gomez de las Heras: Overview of Neglected Tropical Diseases Gwendolyn A. Marriner  Amit Nayyar,  Eugene Uh, Sharon Y. Wong,  Tathagata Mukherjee,  Laura E. Via , Matthew Carroll,  Rachel L. Edwards,  Todd D. Gruber,  Inhee Choi,  Jinwoo Lee, Kriti Arora,  Kathleen D. England,  Helena I.M. Boshoff,  Clifton E. Barry III: The Medicinal Chemistry of Tuberculosis Chemotherapy Jeremy N. Burrows,  David Waterson: Discovering New Medicines to Control and Eradicate Malaria Tomas von Geldern,  Michael Oscar Harhay,  Ivan Scandale,  Robert Don: Kinetoplastid Parasites Pei-Yong Shi,,  Zheng Yin,  Shahul Nilar,  Thomas H. Keller: Dengue Drug Discovery Dan Marquess: Recent Advances in Discovery and Development of Medicines for the Treatment of Secretory Diarrhea in the Developing World

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