A Decision-Making Guide for Those Who Refuse to Be Mediocre. It takes only a single, 30-second decision to change your work or personal life for the better. Getting to that point is what is more complex. This book is about getting ready to make that critical, life-changing 30-second decision. This practical, yet rich, guide is based on solid research, practical experience and the insight of psychotherapists and change experts. Use these three unique templates to frame every decision you make and calibrate the value and worth of your decisions before and after you make them:Five successful decision-making keys, including getting out of your comfort zone and using a big-picture view, A decision-making success model for aligning results and consequences,Six-step problem-solving guide to help you pull it all together, You can be in control of change, choices, and consequences by applying the wisdom delivered in the books six chapters. Learn how to: Benefit from what has worked in the past and change what has not, Be open to change, Know where you are headed and how to tell when you have arrived, Unscramble the difference between wants and needs, Focus on the ideal vision for everything you use, do, produce, and deliver.

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