Using the popular parable/story format, Three Deep Breaths focuses on three simple, effective practices that busy people can implement with little time—or even with just a few minutes while they are driving to an appointment, commuting to work, or walking to a meeting as a simple, effective antidote to “busyness.” The “Three Deep Breaths” illustrated in the story are: 1. The Centering Breath: breathe in balance and energy and be present now 2. The Possibility Breath: breathe in power and purpose and envision the highest me I can be 3. The Discovery Breath: breathe in the mystery and let go of judgments This mind/body technique combines the ‘cognitive-restructuring’ capability of the brain (the ability to change our attitudes and perceptions of the world) with the calmness and presence of an aligned, centered state of being. By actively practicing the technique through the prescribed breathing exercises, individuals maintain clarity...

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