A comprehensive survey of the state of the art in 3-D holographic imaging techniques and applicationsThis book introduces the general concepts of both real-time and non-real-time 3-D holographic imaging techniques for scientific and engineering applications. It offers readers a fundamental understanding of the concepts of 3-D holographic imaging as well as cost-effective design and implementation. World-renowned experts in the field provide in-depth discussion of the following topics:Holograms of real and virtual point trajectoriesSelf-stabilized real-time holographic recordingPrinciples and applications of optical scanning holographyTangible, dynamic holographic imagesHolographic laser radarPreliminary studies on compression of interference patterns in electronic holographyPhotoelectronic principles, components, and applicationsDesign and implementation of computer-generated hologram and diffractive optical elementsCatastrophe analysis as the basis for visual perceptionThree-Dimensional Holographic Imaging is the most complete survey available of the fundamental topics in the field, ideal for electrical engineers, optical scientists, and advanced CAD/CAM systems engineers engaged in the design and construction of advanced imaging systems.

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