Three Solid Foundations for Powerful Leadership.Positive, Simple Strategies for Getting Faster Results.Stress-Free Moves for More Productive Teams and Sustainable Performance.Perceptive leaders will discover the ZIPFIXeGUIDES, 'THREE FOUNDATIONS OF LEADERSHIP' provides an excellent support tool to maintain a firm focus to help overcome the major challenges faced within management teams today, and to create a true understanding of the elements required for success.The three foundations on which to build a successful leadership career appear simple on the surface but require imagination, energy and application to construct in a consistent manner to bring success into the operations.Follow the three foundations and build a successful leadership profile for your career.The true strength of the effective leader is generated from desires to succeed from within and the competent, competitive true leader demonstrates that measure of internal strength on in every way and at every turn.Leadership is an acquired skill and achieving success through effective leadership demands focus, active participation, applied intelligence, dynamic energy and, foresight.In their journey towards achieving sustained high level business success through their teams, the truly high-performing leaders are skilled in recognizing and overcoming barriers to performance.Understanding the concepts contained within the 'THREE FOUNDATIONS OF LEADERSHIP' will contribute important components to the knowledge base of dynamic leaders today.

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