More Amazing Hockey Lists for Trivia Lovers Following on the heels of their successful Hello Hockey Fans from Coast to Coast, hockey fans and researchers Andrew Podnieks and Jefferson Davis present the second book of obscure hockey lists, The Three Stars and Other Selections. With more than 40 photos, this book features lists such as: Highest Point Totals by a Player in His Second NHL Season; Players To Hold Single Season Records for More Than One Team; Best NHL Players Born in New York State; Most Career NHL Goals Without a 30-Goal Season; Largest Point Decrease by an NHL Team in One Season; Fastest Trips to the Stanley Cup Final by an Expansion Team. The Three Stars and Other Selections contains information not previously available, and will have hockey trivia fans testing their friends and seeing who can name the ten least known players to score a cup-clinching goal. As a companion to Hello Hockey Fans or on its own, The Three Stars is the perfect book for any die-hard hockey fan.

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