"Three Studies in Locality and Case" treats a central issue in modern linguistic theory: the issue of locality as expressed in the behavior of non-overt categories. Alexander Grosu presents a detailed study of nominal phrases, free relatives and their semantic and syntaxical relationship to restricted relatives, and provides a critical re-evaluation of earlier views of "pro." In addition, he offers evidence of a variety of constructions in Rumanian involving null operators, and makes a thorough analysis of the genetive case in Rumanian. Grosu argues that a variety of syntactic properties which distinguish the relatives at issue from restrictives are traceable to two causal factors: that their internal relativized nominal is semantically weak and that the relative clause must function as an identifier of "pro." This work will be of interest to linguists working on theoretical issues, and also to those concerned with descriptive linguistics. Professor Grosu's study provies an original analysis of major constructions in Rumanian which have hitherto never been thoroughly investigated.

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