Now in softcover for the first time, the most comprehensive guide to behavioral treatment for these prevalent yet understudied disorders.
As upsetting as they are to clients, tics, trichotillomania, and oral-digital habits such as thumb-sucking and nail-biting tend to be resistant to traditional forms of therapy. The repetitiveness of their actions, however, makes these dissimilar disorders particularly receptive to behavioral treatment. Editors Woods and Miltenberger have assembled 22 therapist/researchers to create a state-of-the-art resource for clinicians challenged by clients with repetitive behavior disorders (RBDs). This book contains:
• Three complete treatment manuals explaining step-by-step therapy for tic disorders, trichotillomania, and oral-digital RBDs Clear rationales for why behavioral methods are so effective for these disorders • Guidelines for direct and indirect assessment • Interventions for related RBDs, including bruxism, rumination, pica, and stuttering• A Separate chapter on treating RBDs in persons with developmental disorders • Contact information for advocacy and educational groups
Recent studies have established the effectiveness of behavioral treatment for these disorders, and the re-issue of this book will continue to bring this important modality to the fore. While it is especially geared toward practitioners, the contributors have made Tic Disorders relevant to researchers and sufficiently accessible to be recommended to patients and their families as well.

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