Andrew Spielman and J. Christina Hodgson Microbiology and Laboratory Diagnosis of Tickborne Diseases J. Stephen Dumler and Maria E. Aguero-RosenfeldLyme Neuroborreliosis John J. Halperin Cardiovascular Manifestations of Lyme Disease Jason M. LazarLyme Arthritis Prachi Anand and Steven E. Carsons Lyme Vaccine Sa ray Stancic, John Nowakowski, and Gary P. WormserTick Paralysis Jose M. Torres and David Schlossberg Babesiosis Ka nu P. Sharan and Peter J. KrauseRocky Mountain Spotted Fever Theodore E. Woodward and Burke A. Cunha Ehrlichiosis Johan S. Bakken and J. Stephen DumlerTick borne Relapsing Fever Kerstin E. Calia and Frank M. Calia Colorado Tick Fever Deborah K. Riley and Spotswood L. SpruanceTickborne EncephalitidesSam R. Telford, III and Ivo M. FoppaTickborne Hemorrhagic Fever Douglas L. Mayers New Tick-Transmitted Rickettsial Diseases Philippe Parola and Didier RaoultTularemia Burke A. Cunha This book is the first to deal exclusively with tickborne infectious diseases in a single source, including comprehensive coverage of babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, relapsing fever, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and Colorado tick fever, with a special emphasis on Lyme disease. Explains how to obtain reliable and objective laboratory confirmation of clinical impressions!Containing contributions from 24 infectious disease authorities, and supplying over 940 references, tables, drawings, and photographs, Tickborne Infectious Diseases devotes an entire chapter to newly described tick-transmitted infections examines tickborne encephalitis and hemorrhagic fevers discusses optimal microbial therapy and management of bacterial and rickettsial tickborne infections focuses on human monocytotropic and granulocytotropic ehrlichiosis explores ecological, chemical, and biological control of tick populations details the efficacy and use of Lyme vaccines reviews the epidemiology, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and treatment of Lyme carditis clarifies myths surrounding Lyme neuroborreliosis to separate scientific fact from misperception and misinformation emphasizes differential diagnosis of tickborne diseasesOffering a basis for understanding the natural history of vector ticks and the epidemiology of the pathogens they carry, Tickborne Infectious Diseases is a cutting-edge reference for infectious disease specialists; internists; microbiologists; pediatricians; primary care, emergency room, and critical care physicians; and medical residents and students.

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