This time-slip adventure centres around the powers of astrange-looking watch, found by ten-year-old twins, Becky and Chris.The twins are joined in their adventures by their collie dog, Tan, butsomeone else at school also wants to get his hands on the watch - classtrouble-maker, Luke. Engaved on the back of the watch is a short, cryptic rhyme: By a click of the clock, You can go in reverse, Time and Again, For better or worse Thetwins discover that clicking a red button above the number twelvecauses time to be reversed and they can relive the events of the pasthour - and have the potential to affect and change what happened duringthat time. Humorous, but sometimes unnerving experiences ensue as theyfind that in trying to change things for the better, their actions haveunforeseen knock-on effects and consequences...

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