The first Britons did very little to impose upon or alter the landscape they inhabited, and the gods they worshipped were those of nature itself. From as early as 5000 BC, farm tools, stone axes, pottery and antler combs were in commonuse by a nomadic community who lived entirely off the land and disposed of their dead using a burial rite known as 'corpse exposure', which means simply leaving a body in the open air to be devoured by animals and birds. It goes without saying that much has changed in Britain throughout the centuries, from the building of Stonehenge for ritual or astronomical purposes in 2500 bc, to the industrial revolution and the invention of the power loom byJames Kay in 1733. Timeline of Britain charts the rich history of our green and pleasant land, from its birth in prehistory to the present day. Follow the lives and careers of British folk heroes from King Arthur and the Warrior-Queen Boudicca, to William Wallace, Robin of Sherwood, John Lennon and Sid Vicious. Read about the introduction of tea-drinking to British society in the mid 17th century and the first UK based tea clippers, the most famous of which was the Cutty Sark - named after the revealing dress worn by the ship's figurehead. Timeline of Britain will reconnect the reader with our collective past, inspire minds of all ages, and remind a few of us what it actually means to be a Brit. Contents: Prehistory and the Romans; The Norman Invasion; The Late Middle Ages; Reformation and Restoration; Indusial Revolution; The 20th Centuy to the present day

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