Peter and his wife, Jane, both serving police officers in this world, have time-slipped into another dimension; into a world where there is no crime apart from what is considered to be a 'forbidden' sexuality and where only beautiful, honed bodies are allowed. In this world, the police have absolute authority over all and are quick to use it. Anyone suspected of having homosexual or lesbian affairs or, horror or horrors, having a few excess pounds of fat, are swiftly rounded up and sent to the feared 'punishment parks' or 'fat farms'. Still in their position as police officers, the couple are horrified at the all-too obvious differences in this alternative world; the shaving of the heads and bodies of those convicted, the mind-numbing toil of the capstan, the pony training, the slave galleys, the surgery required to make eunuchs of certain convicted males and similar treatments for some of the convicted females.

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