Tissue Mechanics, Second Edition is about the mechanics of tissues for use at the advanced undergraduate level or above. Tissues transmit mechanical loads just like bridges and building structures. Not only do they transmit loads, but also they adapt their own structures so that the structures will transmit the mechanical loads more effectively, unlike bridges and building structures. The structures of living tissues are continually changing due to growth and response to the tissue environment, including the mechanical environment. The objective of this text is to describe the nature of the composite components of a tissue, the cellular processes that produce these constituents, the assembly of the constituents into a hierarchical structure, and the behavior of the tissues composite structure in the adaptation to its mechanical environment. A tissues mechanical environment is the history of mechanical loading experienced by the tissue in some reference time period, like a day. The most important features of the textbook are its middle level, neither too advanced nor too elementary, its fresh perspective on older material issues, and the inclusion of new research results carefully crafted onto this intermediate base of mechanics. Key Features:An introductory chapter on the structure of tissues and the fascinating unresolved problems concerning how biological tissues are formed and constructed.Example problems to provide the student with hands-on experience with conceptsExtensive appendices and tutorial materials on new developments including expanded treatment of ceramic materials and implantsDetailed references for further readingAs in TM, 1E a website ( that has been established to provide supplemental material for the book. On this website is posted downloadable additional chapters on specific tissues, downloadable PowerPoint presentations of all the book's chapters, corrections to the published volume and additional exercises and examples for the existing chapters.

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