In To Be Continued . . . Volume Two-the second in a series of books set in specific Canadian cities-Gordon j.h. Leenders once again weaves together an enticing collection of mini-portraits of people, places, and ideas. Moving from Montreal to Hamilton and Niagara Falls to Toronto, each interconnected story introduces us to a new cast of characters who accompany a few familiar faces from Volume One.We observe Eileen, a not-so-desperate housewife, considering an affair to remember while vacationing in Montreal; Shelley and Jim, a forty-something couple who have found a unique way to remain thin; Geena and Patty, two women with radically different methods of dealing with their troublesome teenagers; Suzanne, willing to overlook a serious flaw in her partner just to get married; Muffin, a Chesapeake Bay retriever who, if she could talk, would tell a disturbing tale; and Barbara and Nixon, a caustic couple who decide to air their dirty laundry with both hilarious and serious consequences.

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