In To Plant a Walnut Tree Trevor Waldock embarks on a quest to find how we can use our experience to create a fruitful legacy -- something he calls eldership. Privileged with the gift of experience, elders can see the broader perspective and hold their leaders to account. Their wisdom may be needed to solve a problem, understand a dilemma, resolve a conflict or map a pathway through complex and unfamiliar territory. They make way for, and they guide, generations to come. We can all aspire to live and lead this way. The discovery that one's life can be a journey that makes sense, and not just for oneself in the short term, can change everything. Waldock's compelling narrative may be the key to examining many of the challenges society faces at all levels -- it speaks to leaders in all aspects of life, be they in business, health, education, or local and national politics. It is not limited to gender, culture, education or age. Whether you're a twenty-something executive coming up for breath or a CEO at the top of your game, whether you're considering 'retirement' or a career break, To Plant A Walnut Tree is a personal invitation to reshape your life and find a pathway to share wisdom in a practical way.

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