This invaluable guide addresses the Why, What, and How of enterprise cloud adoption, leveraging a clear framework and proven best practices from Microsoft's own experience.Great book. Whats particularly impressive is the outline of steps Microsoft itself is taking in its move to the cloud. Do as I do is always more powerful than do as I say.Al Ries, Coauthor, War in the BoardroomThis book takes on enterprise cloud adoption to a level Ive not seen beforemade even more elegant with its structured framework and crisp approach. Anthony D. Christie, CMO, Level 3 Communications, Former CTO/CIO, Global Crossing A practical and timely guide that covers the entire journey to the cloud from an enterprise perspective, including business, technology, and organizational impact.Bart Luijten, CIO Corporate Functions & Corporate Technology, PhilipsThe cloud powers business solutions for building tomorrows enterprise and this book offers a simple, well-structured, and high-level process map for cloud adoption.Kris Gopalakrishnan, Executive Co-Chairman, Infosys LimitedCloud computing is full of tremendous opportunity, but is also riddled with hype and confusion. Business and technology leaders know the cloud is essential, but lack clarity and experience. To the Cloud cuts through the noise and addresses the Why, What, and How of enterprise cloud adoption. The book lays out a four-step framework leveraging the experience and best practices of Microsoft's own IT group. It provides end-to-end business and technology guidance, including how to analyze application portfolios to identify good cloud candidates, choose the right cloud models, consider architecture and security, and understand how shifting operations to the cloud affects budgeting and staffing.The book is applicable to all cloud platforms and providers, and debunks myths in its clear and concise style (e.g., real clouds are more than just web hosting, virtualization, or the Internet itself rebranded). It takes a balanced approach, addressing concerns and hybrid adoption scenarios alike. Leveraging the authors' proven expertise working for Microsoft's CIO on cloud migration and with cloud platform development teams, the book is supported by clear frameworks, graphics, tables, summaries, and checklists to provide a true practitioners guide to the cloud.In this book, you will learn how toExplore cloud computing to understand its promise and challengesEnvision how cloud computing can transform your organizationEnable your organization with the necessary resources and skillsExecute the design, development, and operation of cloud workloadsTo the Cloud is an essential guide for IT professionals seeking to lower total cost of ownership, improve the return on IT investment of existing services, or help the business bring new products to market more quickly.

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