Perhaps he's been asked to say a few words at his collegeroommate's engagement party. Maybe he's at a family cookout, toasting hissister's recent law school graduation. Have his parents reached a milestoneanniversary that deserves a son's perspective? Is his professional mentorretiring after decades as a leader in his field? Throughout his adult life, a man encountersthose occasions that depend on his ability to distill the emotions of themoment into a toast, a letter, or perhaps just a few words of gratitude. John Bridges and Bryan Curtis call on their trademark wit toillustrate the skill of meaningful expression and show how to avoid those clichs,awkward jokes, and rambling speeches that threaten to derail the mood of anyoccasion. Learn how to keep your "just a few words" as succinct as possible, whichrare occasions are suitable for an e-mail, and the proper way to give a toast everyonewill remember.

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