But of course these are made-up tales, the stuff of entertaining fiction. Aren't they? Perhaps not, for now, in our own time, a twelve-year-old schoolboy called Toby Tallis and his younger sister, Shaz, have been summoned through a strange and mystical Castle into a world parallel to our own. Why have they been sent for? Who -- or what -- lives in the mountains beside the Waterless Plain? Why has Toby become the possessor of the peculiar Key of Afalxon? And what part does the Castle play in all this? After all, it does seem to have a mind of its own. But can Toby and Shaz cheat death to fulfil their destiny and seek out the astonishing truth of the secret, awful fate of one of the greatest wizards ever to have lived? Find out in their story -- perhaps the best account we have of what really happened to Merlin -- and how the legend at last was brought to us.

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