Misako is a pop idol in Japan, flaunting her masculine image on stage, wearing suits, ties and carrying a riding crop. Her videos contain S&M scenes of her whipping young men. Her fans cross-dress; the males wear dresses, stockings and heels, the girls wear suits and ties. The scene is one of bizarre adoration and devotion. But - some of Misako's fans are being murdered, horribly, after gaining access to back stage areas. Assistant Inspector Nakamura is delegated to solve the crime. He is a sadist with a totally submissive wife and finds the Fem/Dom aspect of Misako's act hard to come to terms with, although it has to be said that he still appreciates the sadomasochistic scenes. Misako has fun with her young male fans. It is a tangled world that the Assistant Inspector has to probe to find the answer to the Misako murders, a world that becomes even more tangled when he gains an interview with Misako herself and ends up in her torture chamber, finding out first-hand how it really feels to be dominated by such a powerful woman!

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