The ultimate guide to the gravesites and memorabilia of great musicians who've shuffled off this mortal coil. Joey and Dee Dee Ramone Frank Sinatra Jim Morrison Rick Nelson Roy Orbison Howlin' Wolf Elvis Presley Randy Rhoads Billie Holiday Jim Croce Buddy Holly Liberace Bob Marley Stevie Ray Vaughan George Gershwin Judy Garland Patsy Cline John Belushi Miles Davis Ronnie Van Zant Jimi Hendrix Bon Scott Hank Williams Muddy Waters Sarah Vaughan Sammy Davis, Jr. More! The Tombstone Tourist has traveled over one million miles to create this astounding compendium packed with more than three hundred photos -- an absolute must-have for any road trip! Inside, you'll discover the final resting places of all your favorite musicians -- many of whose exact locations are disclosed to fans here for the first time -- as well as career snapshots and details of their passing. Musical myths and trivia are also revealed: Did ""Mama"" Cass Elliott choke on a ham sandwich? How many graves does famed blues legend Robert Johnson have? What did Kurt Cobain write in his suicide note? In addition to the final resting places of the dearly departed, The Tombstone Tourist also offers the collections, possessions, guitars, homes, and memorial statues left behind by everyone from the Allman Brothers Band to Muddy Waters.

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