toponymity , n. The condition of being named after a geographic location.It's no secret that America's cookouts owe a lot to the German towns of Frankfurt and Hamburg. Likewise, we know when we put on the wool of a goat from India's Kashmir valley. But did you know that the town of Spa, Belgium, bequeathed to us a new form of healthy relaxation? Or that Tuxedo Park, New York, brought Americans a staple of formal wear? These towns, it turns out, are just the tip of the iceberg.In this ingenious follow-up to Anonyponymous, John Bemelmans Marciano takes us on a lively tour of American, European, and world history, showing us our linguistic heritage in all its richness and, to use another toponym, serendipity. Dotted with Marciano's signature witty drawings and topical essays, this book is a joy to browse and sure to impress your friends. It makes a perfect book for language lovers, whether they come from Cologne, Germany, or Bikini Island.

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