Mary is sold to Estvan, an Eastern European who was very loving when in England but became a total tyrant back in his home country. Puritan Mary has many nasty shocks ahead of her and the demonstration by her new owner's other slave, who is only too willing to show up the newcomer. Everything changes and Mary finds herself sold on to an English couple who are, if anything, far worse than her previous owner! Alexia has been bought by a Lord and after he tires of her, hands over to the Mistress, who is sadistic to the extreme. Every tiny infringement is punished and for her amusement, slaves are often 'given' to other slaves for a day or so, knowing that they are usually even more cruel to each other than their owners can ever be. Alexia seeks the gold collar - the one which denotes high slave status. Her fate is one that she simply cannot endure...

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