The book will explain and show how to apply the methods of Richard Wyckoff.  The book will discuss the author’s history of teaching the Wyckoff method for nearly 20 years and how he has determined that the Wyckoff method is the most reliable method of technical analysis ever devised.  The author will discuss the principles of supply/demand, volume, and pattern recognition that are the foundation of the method.  He will emphasize that while Wyckoff furnishes an almost ideal set of laws and principles, it necessitates judgment that can only be gained through experience and well-guided illustrations to the basic principles.  The author will discuss trader psychology, both in terms of how the “crowd” operates in the financial markets and how individual traders must maintain an objective, disciplined approach.  Most importantly, he will guide traders through a number of real market situations, interpreting the action through the Wyckoff principles and showing the trader exactly where to enter and exit the market. 

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