Praise for Tradestream Your Way To Profits "Finally all investors have the tools available to beat the pros.Zack Miller describes these tools perfectly. This book turns the investing game upside down and gives the power back to the small investor." ?James Altucher, Columnist, Dow Jones; Asset Manager "Zack Miller is an excellent source when it comes to using newonline tools to vet investment ideas. His first book is a broad survey of emerging investment strategies that take advantage of the wide array of financial tools and content that you can find online?from blogs to Twitter. There?s a lot of noise out in the TradeStream, but this book helpsyou cut through that to find the truly useful information." ?Michelle Leder, founder of, a Morningstar Company While you can gain instant access to information on any given stock with the click of a mouse, the truth is that sorting through all that data?and building a profitable portfolio from it?can be both...

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