Happiness begins at the cellular level--and your brain is making new neurons every day. Which means that you can literally program yourself for happiness--if you know how. With this groundbreaking guide, you fire up your neurons for joy when you learn to:Reroute the fight-or-flight response that causes your stress and anxietyFocus your gray cells' attention on emotional well-beingEngage in activities that flood your brain with dopamine and serotonin, among other "happy" chemicalsSatisfy your brain's hunger for pleasure through diet and exerciseEnhance nutrition in your life with the right vitamins and supplementsTrick your brain into building new pathways to serenityWritten by acclaimed neuroscientist and Henry David Thoreau scholar Dr. Teresa Aubele and psychologist Dr. Stan Wenck, this book combines the latest research in both neuroscience and human behavior to give you the brain-changing program you need to lead a blissful life--each and every day!

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