In Train Your Brain to Get Rich, readers leverage the latest brain research to learn how the rich think-and program their own little grey cells to think in more prosperous ways themselves. With this no-nonsense, practical guide, readers will watch their bank accounts grow and their portfolios blossom when they understand the way the brain it can help them: * Make more money, by reprogramming the brain to identify the best opportunities * Invest more wisely, by short-circuiting the pleasure center that facilitates faulty reasoning * Rebound from financial setbacks, without getting trapped by the brain's fight-or-flight response * Create more wealth, by focusing the mind on innovation and creativity * Keep more of what you make, by tricking the brain into taking the long view Written by a talented team of experts, Train Your Brain to Get Rich combines the latest research in both science and human behavior to provide readers with the brainchanging program they need to lead a rich life-each and every day!

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