The role of transcription factors in activating specific genes in blood cells is an important facet of hematopoiesis. Equally important, however, is the pursuit of genes rearranged and aberrantly activated in leukemias (blood malignancies).Transcription Factors: Normal and Malignant Development of Blood Cells focuses on those major transcription factors involved in activation of lineage-specific gene expression during normal versus malignant development of specific blood lineages, as revealed from gene promoter studies, knockout of transcription factors in mice models, and the identification and characterization of chromosomal rearrangement in human blood leukemias.This complete digest of current transcription factor data offers comprehensive coverage of the myriad of transcription factors in blood cell development, composed by established experts in the field. In addition to updating the reader on the connection between chromosomal translocations involving transcription factors and cellular transformation leading to leukemia, Transcription Factors also reviews such subjects as:Transcription factors and the megakaryocytic, myeloid, and erythroid lineagesLeukemias due to chromosomal translocations involving gene encoding transcription factorsOncogenesis and hematopoiesisIn vivo studies of transcription factors implicated in hematopoiesisAnd much moreAppealing to both the researcher and the clinician in the field of hematology, Transcription Factors is a timely presentation of cell lineage development and sheds light on the processes involved in the development of specific leukemias. Providing insight into the study of transcription factors, readers will gain an understanding of mechanisms that lead to normal lineage commitment and terminal differentiation.

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