Prim and proper schoolteacher Janice Mather has been kidnapped along with one of her pupils and is in the sadistic hands of Mistress Sonya and her associate, Jason. They explain to Janice that Debbie, her teenage pupil from a very rich home, is the real target of the kidnap and that makes Janice surplus to requirements. However, now that they have got her, they think it will be fun to play with her for a while. Making her wear outrageous fetish gear and forcing her into acts that degrade and humiliate her. In short, they intend to train her to be the very antithisesis of her former prudish self. The sadistic pair are very good at what they do and in what seems like no time at all, Janice is forced to become exactly what they want. Finally the awful truth is revealed: the entire thing has been a giant con to capture Janice and train her as the teenage Debbie's slave! Janice's husband also is in on the scheme to be rid of her so he can marry his new mistress. Janice faces a lifetime of servitude, Sonya and Jason have a large fee for their part in the project and all seems to be well... or is it?

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