'Lively and thought a key time in the development of primary mathematics teaching and learning. It offers a very much richer model of mathematics learning than is available to many young learners and has the potential to have a real impact on the way mathematics is taught.' - Jan Winter, Bristol University, UKWhat is good mathematics teaching? What is mathematics teaching good for? Who is mathematics teaching for?Under-pinned by findings from the largest research programme into primary mathematics funded in recent years, Transforming Primary Mathematics offers a clear, practical approach to implementing fundamental change in curriculum, classroom environment and teaching styles. It offers an inspiring, sometimes controversial, and often unconventional look at the subject of mathematics, by: Endorsing the use of a 'new mathematics' - one based on problem solving, modelling and inquiry, not on abstract rules, memorising, and regurgitationArguing that there is more to maths teaching than 'death by a thousand worksheets'Challenging norms, such as the practice of sorting children into sets based on their perceived mathematical abilityAdvocating an environment where teachers are encouraged to take risksLooking at how best to prepare learners for an unknown futureEncouraging reflection on teachers' own beliefs and values about mathematics.Transforming Primary Mathematics is for all primary school teachers who want to make mathematics welcoming, engaging, inclusive and successful.

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