Transforming Scholarship: Why Women's and Gender Studies Students are Changing Themselves and the World


Transforming Scholarship is a user-friendly work of practical guidance and inspiration for supporting a student's interest in a Women's Studies degree. It focuses on three of the major barriers students face when exploring Women's Studies: a lack of awareness that Women's Studies constitutes an academic field; the negative response a student often faces when announcing to the world that he or she is interested in Women's Studies; and the perceived lack of employment and career options that supposedly comes with graduating with a Women's Studies degree. This book will support students to think critically about what they know, how to demonstrate what they know, and how to prepare for life both personally and professionally after the degree.Integrated into this book is the authors' research. They surveyed over 900 women's and gender studies graduates (1995-2010) from around the globe ranging from Georgia State University to University of Ghana about their experiences as a student and their career paths. This is currently the largest global data set about contemporary women's and gender studies graduates!

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