Detect and Mitigate Transients in Electrical SystemsThis practical guide explains how to identify the origin of disturbances in electrical systems and analyze them for effective mitigation and control. Transients in Electrical Systems considers all transient frequencies, ranging from 0.1 Hz to 50 MHz, and discusses transmission line and cable modeling as well as frequency dependent behavior. Results of EMTP simulations, solved examples, and detailed equations are included in this comprehensive resource.Transients in Electrical Systems covers:Transients in lumped circuitsControl systemsLightning strokes, shielding, and backflashoversTransients of shunt capacitor banksSwitching transients and temporary overvoltagesCurrent interruption in AC circuitsSymmetrical and unsymmetrical short-circuit currentsTransient behavior of synchronous generators, induction and synchronous motors, and transformersPower electronic equipmentFlicker, bus, transfer, and torsional vibrationsInsulation coordinationGas insulated substationsTransients in low-voltage and grounding systemsSurge arrestersDC systems, short-circuits, distributions, and HVDCSmart grids and wind power generation

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