This groundbreaking investigation into the consumption of homes and domesticity in the Middle East during the period between the mid-nineteenth and the early twenty-first centuries provides subtle accounts of how people in the region restructured their most immediate and intimate surroundings. Avoiding the notion of linearity and "progress" in the transition to modern lifestyles, this volume focuses on the market where producers and consumers meet, the state and the national movements with their respective ideologies and practices, and the role of advertisers, but also the agency of individual and group choice. In addition, it discusses, in different ways, the close interrelations between the representation of home and domestic life, for example in journals, books, and photography, and the political economy of house consumption. The contributors foreground the impact of economic, political, and socio-cultural transformations on the private life of individuals and the processes of restructuring self-identity and lifestyles via acts of consumption.

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