Transplantation of Neural Tissues into the Spinal Cord presents both recent and early results from various experiments where grafts of neuronal, glial and other tissues, as well as artificial materials, were placed into the spinal cord. This book is evaluates the contribution and effect of these studies to our understanding of basic neurobiological questions. This second edition of the book provides answers to many questions which could not be answered in the first edition, and accordingly all the chapters have been extensively rewritten and edited. The findings summarized in this edition show that grafted tissue can survive and thrive in a host mammal, occasionally replace some lost function and re-establish a semblance of sophisticated and complex circuitries. These new insights are among the most exciting in neurobiology, for they challenge the view that nothing can grow or regenerate in the central nervous system and give new hope that it may be possible to treat some of the incurable diseases of the CNS.

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